April, 2020

April,  2020

Sordide will soon release a book with lyrics from their three albums, each one illustrated by a different artist. The publication date is unknown, but here is the list of the people involved :

Bière Noire / Riton La Mort – Ni nom ni drapeau
Louise Brunnodóttir – Blâme
Julien Burn Brunet – Gloire
Førtifem – L’innocence
Amy Wood – La France a peur
Ben Sanair – Pauvre Histoire
沈若潭 – Violence
Cyrille Yetiz – L’incendiaire
Cäme Rdr – Révolte
Laurie Patalo – L’ombre
Arrache-toi un Oeil – Trop tard
Guillaume Tiret – Salis par la haine
Lia Vile – Fuir la lumière
Titou – Sans regrets
Flobath – La peur du noir
Hoel Von Helvet – Hier déjà mort
JJ Metzger – Le cadavre ou l’offrande
Muzah Van Tricht – La chute
Patrice Hervé – Carapace
Julien Raboteau – La saveur de la fièvre

Preview : cover by Julien Brunet

January,  2020

January,  2020

We are honoured to present the vinyl edition of Iffernet’s debut, co-released with Vendetta Records, Bad Moon Rising 惡月上昇 & WV Sorcerer Productions.

Official release date is set to February 23rd, to be celebrated in Berlin along with Turia. You can pre-order it at iffernet.bandcamp.com.

Freshly mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio.
Artwork and layout by Louise Brunnodóttir / Logo & drawing by Patrice Réglat-Vizzavona.


December,  2019

December,  2019

Iffernet will join Turia on a central European tour in February 2020 :

Turia - Iffernet

Next Sordide gig :

October 2019

October,  2019

Drumless black metal duo Oderg In joins La Harelle.

Next show in Rouen with Mhönos and Neige Morte.

Next shows :

September 19, 2019

September 19,  2019

Iffernet debut album full streaming and reviewing by NO CLEAN SINGING.

« The album is a colossal panorama of despondency and despair that’s unrelenting in the intensity of its devotion to those visions, and so powerful in its achievements that it won’t leave most listeners unaffected. »

Release tour :
02/10 @ Canadian Café, Tours, FR
03/10 @ Raymond Bar, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
04/10 @ L’intermédiaire, Marseille, FR
05/10 @ La Villa Cool, Toulon, FR
06/10 @ L’Althérax, Nice, FR
08/10 @ Hirscheneck, Basel, CH
09/10 @ Kuzeb, Bremgarten, CH
10/10 @ Urgence Disk, Geneva, CH
12/10 @ Brasserie Ouroboros, Freycenet-LA-Tour, FR
13/10 @ Secret Place, Nevers, FR
17/10 @ Le Trois Pièces, Rouen, FR

April 2019

April 2019

Malemort finished the recording of a new song, for a split release with the mighty Endless Floods.

Mòr started the recording of a few songs.

Next gigs :

January 2019

January 5, 2019

For the release of its third album, Hier déjà mort, SORDIDE will be touring next in France, Switzerland and Italy. Ten gigs alongwith the Utrecht-based atmospheric black metal trio TURIA.

Telumehtar Premiere + Sordide Announcement

December 2018

A decade after Blåck, The Well, second album by Telümehtår, will come out on Feb 16th through Hidden Marly Production (Zero Dimensional – Osaka Japan).

Sordide 3rd album, « Hier Déjà Mort » will be released on February/March :