February 2018

February 2018

Malemort DLP and Telümehtår second album release announcements coming soon

Sordide joins again Master of Goats to record third full-length.
Boiling coldness and stylised wrath ahead.

Malemort INH release

August 2017

Malemort releases its debut full-length under Prison Tatt Records.
Individualism, Narcissism, Hedonism
Debut album, edition through New Jersey based Prison Tatt Records.
Now unavailable.
DLP coming early 2018 through Cimerian Shades Recordings.
« I don’t know. I’m no psychologist. I only know what I feel, and for fuck’s sake I’ll just say it up front — this album is the most stunningly powerful, staggeringly horrific, blindingly apocalyptic doom album I’ve heard this year, and it has few peers in any year. » – No Clean Singing.